It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and we’re gearing up to celebrate with a great evening of entertainment featuring The Lettermen! Valentine’s Day makes us mushy, so here’s the 5 people we absolutely LOVE at the Alma PAC!


1. Our Volunteers – They don’t receive a lot of credit for what they do, but it would be impossible to run the arts center without their help! Our volunteers prepare mail outs, answer phones and sell tickets in the box office. They hand out programs, help patrons find their seats, and serve concessions. Basically, they are awesome.

2. Our Artists – We have had more than 150 shows at the Alma PAC. The artists that grace our stage are truly talented. They make us laugh and they make us cry. They sometimes make us think deeply about life. They let us sing along to their hit songs and amaze us with their artistic abilities. Without them we would be forced to entertain ourselves.

3. Our Tiny Staff – We only have 6 staff members at the PAC. It’s a small staff, but (most days) we absolutely love working with each other! We are all pretty artistic in nature, so sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, but we are always able to find a creative solution. We are rarely all in the same place at the same time, but occasionally we find time to sit together and brainstorm over drumsticks, also known as nutty buddies (in the case of names for ice cream cones we’ve agreed to disagree).

4. Our Caterer – Show days are long days. We are usually in the theatre from sun up to sun down and then some. During those days, our caterer Virginia Phan is our life saver. Virginia heads the food services staff at Alma High School which is just down the hallway from us. She handles the majority of our catering and does all of our major events. Food keeps people happy, and when there are lots of people working long hours together, you need to keep them happy. Also, did we mention that her food is delicious? Best catering in town.

5. Our Sponsors – Last, but certainly not least, we LOVE our sponsors! We have 116 sponsors who donate funds to the PAC, and every donation from $1 to $10,000 helps us achieve our mission, but so many of our sponsors donate more than just their money. Our sponsors volunteer in the box office, serve on our executive board, attend events in the center, promote upcoming shows in the community, and additionally support the Alma Schools. Our sponsors are rock stars.

5 People We Love at the Alma PAC
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